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Swedish Genealogy Club

The bridge to your Swedish ancestors'
homeland and culture

The Swedish Genealogy Club is the bridge to your Swedish ancestors’ homeland and culture, by promoting Swedish genealogy and heritage. We collaborate with other Genealogical Societies. The Swedish Genealogy club is a member of the Vasa Order of America. Members of the Swedish Genealogy Club can learn to find and understand various records about their ancestors. With the help of these records, you will find where your ancestors lived and worked. You can also find living relatives in Sweden.

At our meetings, you will meet members interested in Swedish Genealogy, with whom you can exchange ideas and information. The meetings will be seminars or question and  answers. We also have native Swedish speaking members that can help you with the translation of Swedish documents you may have from your ancestors.

Vasa National Archives hold unique information about early Swedes and Swedish settlements.

The Swedish Genealogy Club can help1  you:

Find your Swedish ancestors.

• Find your living relatives in Sweden. You can visit them in Sweden, or they can visit you.

• Translate your ancestors' old documents. These give you a better understanding your ancestors’ life.

• Find where your ancestors lived and sometimes a picture of the house where they lived.

• Access the Vasa National Archives that
have a unique collection of Swedish immigrants and their culture.

• Learn and understand more about Swedish
culture and traditions.

• Connect with others doing Swedish

1) The help offered is on a volunteer basis.

Membership and more information.

If you have any questions or want to know more about us, please contact us at .