Leif Ericsson Day

Fylgia Lodge arranges the celebration of Leif Ericson.  The program is a cultural program, dinner and, Kryddat Brännvin Championship.  The Celebration is at Sveadal in the Clubhouse on a Saturday in October.

Our distinguished judges will select and award 3 new meritorious Akvavit World Champions in the categories of Best Tasting Akvavit, Most Traditional Tasting Akvavit, and Best Presentation Akvavit.

Vasa Order of America welcomes all Swedes throughout the world to come, compete, and have fun.

Sveadal is located at 8220 Croy Road in Morgan Hill, California 95037.

The picturesque resort is nestled in beautiful Redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, approximately 20 miles southwest of San Jose, California.

For more information contact Scott Schulkin SSchulkin@gmail.com