About Golden Gate no. 12

Golden Gate promotes the sharing, learning, and preservation of the Scandinavian culture and heritage in northern California. We sponsor events and encourage cooperation between the local clubs (lodges). Our members are of all ages, and some are first-generation immigrants. Some are descendants of immigrants many generations back. This makes our organization a good place to experience and learn about Scandinavian culture and heritage. Most local clubs meet monthly with a social hour followed by a traditional Scandinavian dinner and a cultural program. Examples of events arranged by Golden Gate or a local lodge are Lucia, Valborg, Sweden day, Midsummer, musical performances, children activities, Swedish classes, interesting talks on Scandinavian culture and history, cooking classes, cheering on Swedes in NHL and much much more.

There are several active children’s clubs in the district.  Where the Children and Teens, learn Scandinavian Folk Music and Dance they perform live in authentic folk costumes. The kids learn all about the many aspects of Scandinavian culture and tradition. They learn to sing the traditional Swedish Christmas songs and perform at Lucia celebrations.

Golden Gate Swedish genealogy club that is the bridge to your ancestors’ homeland and culture.

There are several scholarships for which members can apply. There are Grand, District, and Local lodge scholarships.

Members of a lodge that is a member of the Swedish American Patriotic League (SAPL) get the membership rates at Sveadal. The following lodges are members of SAPL, Fylgia, Svea, Framåt, Sveaborg, and Lindbergh.

Golden Gate district lodge no. 12 is the district lodge of Vasa Order of America in northern Representatives from the local lodges (social clubs) in northern California govern Golden Gate no. 12. There are local lodges from Eureka and Redding in the north down to Fresno in the south and several in the San Francisco bay area. For a lodge in your area see the local lodges.

All membership is through Local Lodge. For more information on how to become a member see the membership page.

Vasa Archives is the archive for the Vasa Order of America. In the archive you find information on the early Swedish immigrants. They have an extensive collection of interviews of Swedes in US. Is your ancestor one of them?